Audio Installations

Upgrading the sound system at Paradise Club Rạch Giá.
The sound system at Paradise Club Rạch Giá is a crucial element in attracting a large number of nightlife enthusiasts. To achieve this, Paradise has upgraded its sound system to provide the best...


Find out coffee shop audio solutions
Are you looking for a solution for installing speaker systems for coffee shops? Hoang Bao Khoa will help you get more useful information through the following detailed article.

House of worship

The Pagoda Distric 4 HCMC
Hoang Bao Khoa installed the sound at Temple Street 41, District 4, HCMC successfully Set: Full Turbosound M10 Speaker + Behringer QX1222USB Mixer


Family Karaoke at Nha Trang
Thank you for choosing our products
Family Karaoke
Full set of 39.6 million karoke you can express yourself right at your beloved place, products include:

Audio Event

Manchester speakers and Lab Gruppen amplifier handover ceremony for KSS
Choosing which sound system to use for a show is always a difficult one because it requires balancing the investment cost and the scale of the performances. However, at Hoang Bao Khoa, we have helped customers “choose the right price” to get a sound system that is suitable for their investment level and achieves high efficiency. For this reason, KSS company, a fairly well-known enterprise in the rental industry, has chosen Turbosound and Lab Gruppen distributed by Hoang Bao Khoa as the main sound system for upcoming grand shows. Let’s take a look at the handover ceremony of Manchester speakers and Lab.Gruppen amplifiers that took place on 08/07/2023 to see if there is anything special!
Wedding event Sound System
Hoang Bao Khoa has offered a sound system for a wedding ceremony, thank you for choosing our products for your wonderful day.
A music fest to honor Vietnamese music and DJ 2020
DJ MUSIC GENERATIONS 2020 is a music fest with a beautiful purpose: Honoring Vietnamese Music and Creating a great playground for Dj nationwide. Completely free for guests to attend & attracts tens of thousands of spectators as well as artists from all over the country.

Corporate and Restaurant

OrChard Villa - Phu Quoc Resort Kien Giang
January 9, 2021 Hoang Bao Khoa has officially completed the installation of Professional Audio at OrChard Villa - Phu Quoc Resort Kien Giang and handed over the equipment to our partners, Thank you for choosing our company.
Private House - Villa
Design and Installation at home Small town
Turbosound series : TCI Model : TCI53TR . 2Bass 5" + 2 Bass 1" **** The outdoor speakers line accepts sun and rain ..... Withstands all climates and weather
Sound system for Restaurant & Coffee Q2
September 19 Hoang Bao Khoa installed the Sound at a very reasonable price at the Restaurant. The full set of CE500D + QX602MP3 products of the Behringer brand from Germany have created a subtle but equally luxurious sound.