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Hoàng Bảo Khoa - Reliable Supplier
Hoang Bao Khoa is known as a pioneer in supplying high-quality audio equipment to the local and international market. In addition to selling audio equipment, Hoàng Bảo Khoa also offers genuine replacement parts for speakers, mixers, amplifiers, etc. With abundant inventory and a dedicated technical team, Hoàng Bảo Khoa has become a reputable electronics supplier worldwide.
The Differences Between Digital Mixer And Analog Mixers
We know what a digital mixer is, but how does it compare to an analog mixer? Knowing the difference between these mixers can be crucial to your decision as a music producer. Understanding their differences will help you determine which style is best for creating your music. Choosing the right studio gear can take time and effort to make your songs sound quality.
Introduction To Audio Mixer: What Does It Do, And Why Should You Care?
What is the point of an audio mixer? Or are you a beginner looking for some basic information about mixers? You may be a pro and want to know more about one of the best small audio mixers today. I'll answer all those questions for you.
How To Select The Right Professional Sound Mixer Equipment
Suppose you want to give a boost to your professional audio recording. In that case, you will need a reliable sound mixer. There are many of them available online in the market these days. Still, in choosing the best mixer for you, there are several things that you must consider or keep in mind to choose the right one. What kind of equipment should you use? And how do you get it? Here are some tips for choosing professional recording equipment:
How to connect audio mixer to iPhone
Are you interested in adding audio and music tracks from your Iphone to your audio mixer? You can learn how by this short guide! Step-by-step.
Step by step audio mixer setup
In this guide, we will show you how to set up and get sound out of a mixer.
How to record with mixer
Making your own music is now easier than ever thanks to the affordability of computers and recording equipment.
How to install mixer to amplifier
In this guide, we will learn about how to simply and effectively install a mixer to an amplifier
Looking for a professional karaoke room installation address
More and more people have the need to install karaoke rooms to make a lot of money. Hoang Bao Khoa is one of the units specializing in the installation of fast, quality and cheap karaoke rooms.
Guide to download the firmware of Flow 8
First of all, Hoang Bao Khoa Company thanks customers for trusting and choosing our products for every project, especially Behringer has just launched the first Flow 8 hybrid mixer (Mechanical + Digital) in 2021 along with with its unique features. To use all the features, please download the firmware according to the instructions below