Corporate and Restaurant

OrChard Villa - Phu Quoc Resort Kien Giang
January 9, 2021 Hoang Bao Khoa has officially completed the installation of Professional Audio at OrChard Villa - Phu Quoc Resort Kien Giang and handed over the equipment to our partners, Thank you for choosing our company.
Private House - Villa
Design and Installation at home Small town
Turbosound series : TCI Model : TCI53TR . 2Bass 5" + 2 Bass 1" **** The outdoor speakers line accepts sun and rain ..... Withstands all climates and weather
Sound system for Restaurant & Coffee Q2
September 19 Hoang Bao Khoa installed the Sound at a very reasonable price at the Restaurant. The full set of CE500D + QX602MP3 products of the Behringer brand from Germany have created a subtle but equally luxurious sound.