Audio Event

Manchester speakers and Lab Gruppen amplifier handover ceremony for KSS
Choosing which sound system to use for a show is always a difficult one because it requires balancing the investment cost and the scale of the performances. However, at Hoang Bao Khoa, we have helped customers “choose the right price” to get a sound system that is suitable for their investment level and achieves high efficiency. For this reason, KSS company, a fairly well-known enterprise in the rental industry, has chosen Turbosound and Lab Gruppen distributed by Hoang Bao Khoa as the main sound system for upcoming grand shows. Let’s take a look at the handover ceremony of Manchester speakers and Lab.Gruppen amplifiers that took place on 08/07/2023 to see if there is anything special!
Wedding event Sound System
Hoang Bao Khoa has offered a sound system for a wedding ceremony, thank you for choosing our products for your wonderful day.
A music fest to honor Vietnamese music and DJ 2020
DJ MUSIC GENERATIONS 2020 is a music fest with a beautiful purpose: Honoring Vietnamese Music and Creating a great playground for Dj nationwide. Completely free for guests to attend & attracts tens of thousands of spectators as well as artists from all over the country.
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