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Hercules DJ Equipment

Authentic Pro Audio Brands
  • 18 sound 1
  • Hercules 5
  • tannoy 2
  • tchelicon 2
  • taster  1
  • pongolin


  • Turbosound
  • 18  Sound
  • Lab Gruppen
  • SKB
  • Midas
    Klark Teknik
  • Lake
  • BaoMic
  • IBO
    tc Electronic
  • Denon
  • Bugera
    Aston Microphone
  • Meyer Sound
  • Unity Laser
  • Pangolin
  • Rean



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  • About Turbosound England

    About Turbosound England

    1970 - 2016 Ever since its formation in 1970, Turbosound has had a long history of innovation and...

  • About Behringer   Germany

    About Behringer Germany

    We Hear You. We at Behringer believe in carefully listening to you and providing you with...

  • About 18 Sound Driver

    About 18 Sound Driver

    Eighteen Sound is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality professional audio...

  • About Hercules

    About Hercules

    For over 30 years, Hercules has chosen to offer products with particular attention paid to both...

  • About Pangolin

    About Pangolin

    Over 35 years of development and building, Pangolin has established itself as a global leader in...

  • About Midas   England

    About Midas England

    1970 - 2015 A Little Bit of Our History The explosion of musical talent in 1960’s Beatlemania...

  • About Unity Laser

    About Unity Laser

    Envisioned over half a decade ago, and formally established in 2020, UNITY is a joint venture...

  • About Kvant

    About Kvant

    In nearly 30 years of making lasers we have achieved a great deal. Some of the world’s biggest...

  • About Lake       Sweden

    About Lake Sweden

    1970 - 2016 A Little Bit of Our History

  • About Waves Audio USA

    About Waves Audio USA

    Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional...

  • About Tannoy  Speakers UK

    About Tannoy Speakers UK

    1926 - 2016 Over the past 96 years, Tannoy is the undisputed leader in loudspeaker design and...

  • About Lab.Gruppen Amplifiers Sweden

    About Lab.Gruppen Amplifiers Sweden

    Kenneth Anderson and Dan Bavholm first met as schoolboys in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They both had a...

  • Meyer Sound Speakers USA

    Meyer Sound Speakers USA

    Meyer Sound was founded in 1979 to create the best sonic experiences possible, built on...