Step by step audio mixer setup

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Step by step audio mixer setup
In this guide, we will show you how to set up and get sound out of a mixer.

Now at Hoang Bao Khoa showroom we are having on hand: an analogue mixer Behringer Xenyx 502, Behringer microphone Model XM8500 with short stand, and an audio signal cable 1.5m PMC-150, of course it's from Behringer as well. Let's go for a step by step audio mixer simple setup folks!

1. Unpack and place the mixer 502 on a stable surface. For your info, Behringer Xenyx 502 is a small factor audio mixer including 5-input, 2-bus, 2 mic preamps, and EQ.
2. Connect the power supply to the mixer and plug it into an electrical outlet.
3. Connect any external devices (e.g. microphone, instrument, CD player) to the appropriate input jacks on the mixer using appropriate cables. In this case we have a microphone cable Behringer PMC-150 that is 1.5 meter long and equipped by Neutrik XLR connectors and a Behringer microphone Model XM8500
4. Turn on the mixer and adjust the volume levels for each input channel using the channel knobs.
5. Set any tone controls (e.g. bass, treble) for each channel as desired.
6. Connect the mixer's main output to an amplifier, powered speakers or a recording device using appropriate cables.