Audio Connectors

Audio jack, power jack, speaker jack, signal jack, network jack from Neutrik and Rean brands are genuine high-quality products.
Adjust the Laser Marking on the powerCON NAC3MMXX to Comply with PSE JET Certification
Neutrik, a leading name in the field of connectivity technology, continues to strive to improve product quality and meet international standards. Recently, they have adjusted the laser marking on the powerCON NAC3MMXX to comply with PSE JET certification.
Power Strip Multicore boxes - enhance your power distribution experience!
As you know, multicore power distribution systems facilitate a significant reduction in cabling effort and cost. CONTRIK offers a comprehensive power multicore portfolio, en- compassing both passive and active distribution boxes, along with multicore cables.
cPot drum- Swift and effortless cabling
As you know, CONTRIK cPot is an equipotential bonding system designed for swift, effortless and safe equipotential bonding in mobile applications. cPot provides versatile installation components for nearly every mounting scenario.
Change the material of Neutrik’s XLR Connectors
In the second quarter of this year, Neutrik will change the material of their XLR connectors from black chrome to KTL coating. You can follow the article to find out what this change brings to you. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.