FAQ powerCON

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FAQ powerCON
FAQ powerCON

What are powerCON connectors and what are they used for?

The powerCON is a lockable equipment AC connector. It’s used in the audio business for the power lines of lighting applications, amplifiers, etc. It can be used as power supply for industrial applications with the advantage of its locking system in comparison to standard non locking MAINS* connectors. The connectors fulfill all current safety standards such as SEV, UL, CSA and VDE and use a colored power inlet-outlet coding to prevent a short circuit. To transmit 20A @ 250V it has a thicker silver plating (20µ) and enlarged isolation between the Faston contacts.
* Not to be used in the wall of a building structure as a mains power connector. 

Why are there two different (keyed) versions of the 20 A powerCON?

powerCON 20 A offers power-in (blue) and power-out (grey) versions with different keying to avoid short circuits.

How do I wire my cable onto my 20 A powerCON?

The 20 A powerCON has 3 contacts:
L --> Line (hot phase)
N --> Neutral (neutral conductor)
E --> Ground contact

May I plug / unplug a powerCON 20 A or 32 A cable connector under load?

No, powerCON 20 A and 32 A connectors are approved as power "connectors" and not as "plug and socket device". Connectors are components which in normal use (under live) are not be engaged or disengaged under live. Plug and socket devices are components which in normal use (under live or load) may be engaged or disengaged when live or under load.

Which screws/rivets can I use for fastening of powerCON chassis connectors?


Screws for chassis connectors depend on panel material and thickness. We suggest the following:
Metal panel (Steel, Aluminum, Zinc)
Flat head thread forming screws, Pozidriv, DIN 7500 M, zinc plated, M3 x length (drilled hole ~ 3.1 mm)
Flat head metric machine screws, Pozidriv, DIN 965A, zinc plated, M3 x length (thread M3)
Plastic Panels
PT-flat head screws, WN 1413, zinc plated, KA30 x length (depends on material, ~ 2.4 mm)


It is possible to use any aluminum 1/8” or 3.2 mm 90° countersunk blind rivet.
We suggest drilling a hole diameter of 3.3 mm for the panel. It is possible to use pneumatic, electrical or hand riveting tools.

Does Neutrik offer isolated Faston tabs to wire powerCON and speakON chassis connectors?

No, Tyco offers suitable Fastons (ordering # 9-160477-2)