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FAQ Combo
FAQ Combo

What is a Combo and what is it used for?

The Neutrik Combo connector combines a XLR chassis connector and a ¼" phone jack in one housing. The result is a cost effective, space saving connector. Typical applications are line/mic inputs with independent signal amplifying. The switching contacts allow to detect the circuit of choice. The Combo is often used for sound- and video-mixers to solve space-problems, active loudspeaker systems, effect devices, portable gears, etc.

How do the switching contacts of the Combo work?

The combo is available with 3 switching contacts (NCJ9FI-*). These contacts are closed to the TIP / RING / SLEEVE of the ¼" jack, when no plug is mated. The circuit opens when connecting a ¼" plug into the Combo. We also offer an additional switching ground contact (NCJ10FI-*), which is closed to the XLR chassis ground and opens when connecting a XLR cable connector.

Are the XLR contacts on the Combo connected with the TRS contacts?

No. To achieve this you have to bridge XLR and TRS contacts on the pcb or terminals.