Neumann distributor certificate

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Neumann distributor certificate
Neumann distributor certificate

Neumann & Hoang Bao Khoa

The Neumann brand was established by Georg Neumann in 1928, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Georg Neumann created legendary recording microphones such as the U 47, M. 49, U 67, and U 87. When it comes to audio equipment and recording studios, Neumann microphones are inevitably mentioned, regarded as symbols of professionalism and top-notch quality.

Over the years, Neumann has remained a leading manufacturer of recording microphones worldwide, with many products becoming global sound icons. Despite numerous microphone brands attempting to replicate and emulate Neumann products, Neumann maintains its uniqueness in the use of materials and product structure.

At Hoang Bao Khoa - the official distributor of Neuman products in Vietnam, finding and selecting quality Neumann products becomes easy. We are committed to providing products directly imported from the manufacturer, ensuring quality and reliable warranty support. With years of deep expertise in the Prosound field, Hoang Bao Khoa is dedicated to customer satisfaction, promising to bring you excellent experiences.

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Certificate of official Neumann distributorship in Vietnam