Introduction To Audio Mixer: What Does It Do, And Why Should You Care?

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Introduction To Audio Mixer: What Does It Do, And Why Should You Care?
What is the point of an audio mixer? Or are you a beginner looking for some basic information about mixers? You may be a pro and want to know more about one of the best small audio mixers today. I'll answer all those questions for you.

What Is An Audio Mixer?

An audio mixer is an electronic device that allows you to control multiple inputs (microphones, instruments, etc.) with a single device. An audio mixer is sometimes called an audio console or mixing console. The term console comes from early devices that used knobs or faders (called "potentiometers") rather than buttons or sliders to control levels. So they looked like a desk with lots of drawers! Nowadays, most mixers use buttons and sliders instead.

What Does An Audio Mixer Do?

An audio mixer is a piece of hardware that lets you connect multiple devices and control their volume levels individually. This lets you combine multiple sources and control their volume relative to each other.
For example, imagine you have two microphones connected to your computer. You could then use an audio mixer to combine those microphones into one channel to adjust simultaneously with a single knob or slider on your mixer (or software). You could then send that combined signal from your computer's headphone jack or AUX port to be heard through speakers or headphones.

Audio Mixer Types

Analog mixer

Analog mixers are the most common kind of hardware mixing console. Most professional music studios and live sound venues use analog mixers but are also available for home recording setups.
Analog mixers work with audio signals that can be mixed and processed using effects before being sent to an amplifier or recording device. This means that you can use an analog mixer to process the sound from your instruments and vocals before sending them out to a PA system or digital recorder or working with them in a DAW (digital audio workstation).

Digital mixer

A digital mixer is an audio mixing console that allows you to create and modify audio signals in a digital format. In other words, instead of working with analog signals, it allows you to manipulate sound using digital signals.
Digital mixers are commonly used in live performances because they can offer instant control over any adjustments made to the sound system during a performance. They're also valuable for studios where multiple artists need access to separate channels to record their parts without interfering with each other's tracks or stopping recording. At the same time, someone else adjusts the volume levels on their channel.

Main differences between analog mixers and digital mixer

The main difference between analog and digital mixers is that the latter has either no or very few physical controls. Instead, all functions are performed using software menus or buttons on the device. Digital mixers are also smaller and more portable than their analog counterparts.

Why Should You Care About Mixers?

Mixing audio is an essential part of any production environment. The better you mix your tracks, the better your final product will sound. Mixing also gives you more control over the final mix of your track, which means that if there are any problems with how one track sounds concerning another, it's easier to fix using a mixer than by tweaking individual tracks in software like Ableton Live or Logic Pro X. This is especially true when working with analog equipment like mixing consoles, which offer more hands-on control over how signals are routed between devices compared with software applications like DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

Top 3 Best Audio Mixer For Music Recording Mixing

#1. HD96-24-CC-IP Digital Mixer Midas

The HD96-24-CC digital mixer is a Live performance-oriented control center with up to 144 simultaneous input channels @ 96 kHz sample rate, 120 mix buses & 21” full-color TFT screen with capacitive touch sensing. Designed for easy operation by even the most demanding sound engineers, it has powerful features for managing your audio signals in any environment.

#2. SX2442FX Analog Mixer Behringer

The SX2442FX's ultra-low noise design and premium channel EQ with British tone allows you to achieve perfect sound under all conditions. And the XENYX preamp has the headroom to let you deliver your performance with punch and clarity.

#3. X32 Digital Mixer Behringer 40 input 25 Bus

The X32 digital mixing console is an ultra-low latency, high-definition mixing solution for live sound and recording. It is equipped with 32 full-size, touch-sensitive motorized faders, plus an additional 256 backlit MIDI touch pads.


An audio mixer is an excellent tool for recording and editing your voice, music, or other sounds. It's powerful and adjusts to fit your needs, and it never hurts to learn about this kind of software. You can get anything from the audio mixer if you know what you're doing with it. You might even surprise yourself when it comes to making music.

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