SKB distributor certificate

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SKB distributor certificate
SKB distributor certificate

SKB & Hoang Bao Khoa

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing specialized cases and containers for musical instruments, audio equipment, electronic devices, and various other applications, SKB has firmly established its position in the industry.

SKB products are renowned not only for their sturdy and durable quality but also for their careful design to meet or exceed the most stringent requirements of users. From professional cases for musical instruments such as guitars, basses, keyboards, to containers for electronic devices like computers, cameras, SKB is committed to providing maximum protection for your products.

At Hoang Bao Khoa - the official distributor of SKB products in Vietnam, finding and selecting high-quality SKB products becomes convenient. We are committed to providing products imported directly from the manufacturer, ensuring quality and reliable warranty support. With years of deep expertise in the Prosound industry, Hoang Bao Khoa is dedicated to customer satisfaction, promising to deliver excellent experiences to you.
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Certificate of official SKB distributorship in Vietnam