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B-2 PRO Microphone Thu Âm Behringer

B-2 PRO Microphone Thu Âm Behringer
  • B-2 PRO Microphone Thu Âm Behringer
  • LEFT
Mã sản phẩm: B-2 PRO
Đã xem: 412
Thương hiệu: Behringer
Đánh giá:
4.67/5 trong 3 lượt 
Sản phẩm tạm hết hàng
  Gold-Sputtered Large Dual-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
Gọi hotline 0799 030088 để biết thêm chi tiết sản phẩm.
     Professional 1'' gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality
    Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications--perfect for acoustic instruments and overhead etc.
    Selectable cardioid, omnidirectional or figure eight pickup pattern
    Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsule
    Switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation
    Ultra low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion
    Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity
    Rugged construction with satin nickel-plated brass body
    Heavy-duty suspension mount, windscreen and aluminum transport case included
    1Year Warranty Program*
    Designed and engineered in Germany

Large Diaphragm