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Classic True Pitch Vibrato
All-Analog Bucket-Brigade Design
1-Year Warranty
Classic True Pitch Vibrato with All-Analog Bucket-Brigade Design

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Chiều Rộng
10 cm
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7 cm
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1 kg
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17 cm


       - Tailspin Vibrato Manual multilingual


  • Classic true pitch vibrato

  • Legendary, all-analog bucket-brigade (BBD) circuit

  • Classic 80's inspired vibrato circuit

  • True Bypass for ultimate signal integrity

  • "Built-like-a-tank" metal chassis

  • Runs on 9 V battery or the TC Electronic Powerplug 9 (not included)

  • 1 -Year Warranty Program*

  • Designed and engineered in Denmark


    TAILSPIN VIBRATO delivers a truckload of stunningly-vintage vibrato tones in a stompbox that’s so affordable – it’ll make your head spin! Featuring an all-analog, bucket-brigade design, TAILSPIN VIBRATO provides everything from subtle wobbles, to pitch-bendy, warped-vinyl tones – and all the way up to ultra-smooth, fast or slow whirling-speaker organ sounds.

    Vast World of Vibrato
    Vast World of Vibrato

    Nothing beats the organically-warm warble of classic true-pitch vibrato. You can use it at slow speeds to bring life and depth to slow chord progressions, or wind it up a bit for a super-wet surfin’ safari. Want to raise the roof? Max it out and watch as your audience searches in vain for the nonexistent B3 organ!

    Feel the Mojo
    Feel the Mojo

    TAILSPIN VIBRATO gets its 100% vintage vibrato mojo from its old-school analog bucket-brigade design. This means that wherever you set the dials, you’ll always conjure up a vibrato tone that is natural sounding and usable across the entire musical spectrum.

    Classic Tone – Modern Features
    Classic Tone – Modern Features

    A sturdy metal chassis with dedicated Input, Output and True Bypass means that TAILSPIN VIBRATO is equally roadworthy and pedalboard friendly. You can power it with a 9V battery, or use our convenient POWERPLUG 9V adapter.

    Backstage Pass – All Access
    Backstage Pass – All Access

    Capable of a wide range of vintage vibrato tones, TAILSPIN VIBRATO sports an easy-to-use control layout including: Rate, which controls the vibrato speed; and Depth, which sets the effect’s intensity. Nothing is easier!

    Check out TAILSPIN VIBRATO at your local TC ELECTRONIC dealer today, or get yours online – for wave after wave of vintage pleasure!

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