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Ultimate Stereo Sound Enhancement Processor
Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity
1-Year Warranty
Máy nâng tiếng Karaoke Behringer SX3040 V2
Ultimate Stereo Sound Enhancement Processor

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Chiều Rộng
11 cm
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25 cm
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2 kg
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53 cm

 Tính năng sản phẩm

  • Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity, dimension and depth

  • Produces natural brightness through harmonic enhancement and tighter bass with increased punch through phase compensation

  • Professional and home recording studios: brings out the full sound spectrum of your tracks, mixdown and mastering

  • PA, nightclub and DJ systems: improves the performance of any sound system by adding sparkling high end and super-tight bass without the need for additional speakers or amps

  • Churches and houses of worship: dramatically increases voice intelligibility and your music gains presence

  • Guitar, bass and keyboard rack: improves articulation and restores cutting power often lost in miking and amplification

  • Broadcasting and webcasting: adds loudness and "live presence" even on small car or computer speakers

  • 5.1 and hi-fi setups: DVDs become stunningly lifelike and the spatial dimension of your sound system increases dramatically

  • Dedicated Tune, Harmonics and Mix controls per channel on the Sonic Exciter section

  • Dedicated Drive, Tune and Mix controls per channel on the Bass Processor section

  • Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with ¼" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors

  • Internal switch-mode power supply (100 - 240 V~) for noise-free audio and low power consumption

  • 1 -Year Warranty Program*

  • Designed and engineered in Germany



The incredible SONIC EXCITER SX3040 will make your live performances and recordings more powerful, dynamic and superbly articulate. Equipped with a special phase-compensating Bass Processor and Sonic Exciter, the SX3040 adds amazing depth, punch and sparkling clarity – to dramatically enhance sound quality. And thanks to SX3040’s twin channels, you process a stereo signal, or a bass in one channel – and a keyboard, vocal or guitar in the other.

The ultimate sound improvement tool for home and professional recording studios, DJ systems, PA systems and webcasting, the SONIC EXCITER SX3040 is also an amazing addition to your 5.1 surround and hi-fi setups.

A “Must-Have” for the Studio

A “Must-Have” for the Studio

In the recording studio, the sound is the only thing that matters – and it has to be just right! The SX3040 provides the tools to fine-tune the perfect recording session, whether you're working on a single track or mastering your completed project for distribution or duplication. For that professional finishing touch, the SX3040 opens up the full sonic spectrum allowing you to add sizzle to drum overheads, tighten up the bass – and bring unparalleled focus to vocal tracks and instrument / amp-miking applications.

Vibrant Live Sound

Vibrant Live Sound

The 2-channel SX3040 features a Bass Processor and Sonic Exciter per channel, providing the perfect way to add stunning clarity and incredible low-end punch to your live sound system. By adding sparkling high end and super-tight bass, without the need for additional speakers or amps, the SX3040 breathes new life into any PA, nightclub or DJ system. You’ll easily master the simple controls to bring out the very best in your sound – whether you’re mixing a duo in a coffee house, or dialing a massive outdoor concert!

House of Worship

House of Worship

In house of worship applications, voice intelligibility is of critical importance for getting the speaker’s message across. The SX3040 Sonic Exciter function’s wide tuning range lets you dial-in the ideal frequency enabling crisp and detailed delivery of the spoken word. For musical content, SX3040’s Bass Processor becomes an effective, professional-grade “loudness” control – adding much needed punch and dynamics for impactful performances – even when the overall volume must be kept at lower levels.

The Bass Processor

The Bass Processor

With its dedicated Drive, Tune and Mix controls, the Bass Processor allows you to dial-in the perfect bottom end for live sound or recording applications. Turning the Drive knob adjusts the bass intensity, which is properly set when the green LED lights up regularly during loud bass signal peaks. The longer the LED lights up, the longer the duration of the bass signal at peak levels (Sustain), leading to a tighter and more voluminous bass. The Tune knob selects the upper cut-off frequency between 50 Hz - 160 Hz, while the Mix control sets the amount of the processed bass signal is blended with the original.

The Sonic Exciter

The Sonic Exciter

SX3040’s Sonic Exciter section is all about adding harmonic content to your music, the natural range of overtones that give music its openness and liveliness – harmonics that are often lost when amplifiers and instruments are miked. Tune sets the cut-off frequency within the range from 1.3 kHz - 10 kHz, while the Harmonics control sets the amount of harmonics that are added to the signal, and has a direct influence on the detail reproduction and quality of the sound. Mix adjusts how much of the processed sound is mixed with the original signal.

Solid Performance – Unbelievable Value

Solid Performance – Unbelievable Value

You’d be hard-pressed to find another single piece of gear that can improve the sound of your recordings or live shows more than the SONIC EXCITER SX3040! And this mastering marvel is so very affordable, you’ll want 2 or 3 for your studio, and a couple more for your live rack. And SX3040’s internal switch-mode power supply (100 - 240 V~) works anywhere in the world, providing noise-free audio and low power consumption. Get down to your Behringer dealer, or get your first SX3040 online today – you’ll be back for more!

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- Ultimate Stereo Sound Enhancement Processor
- Dramatically improves your sound by adding clarity
- 1-Year Warranty

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