C8082 McCauley- Giá Call

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McCauley - Loa chính thức tại WorldCup 2018
C8082 McCauley- Giá Call

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Loal Dual Sub 4.800Watts
18 inch
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Subwoofer, Dual 18"

High Performance Subwoofer, Dual 18", Phoenix, Feet, Black

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 The C8082 is a high efficiency, high power handling sub-bass loudspeaker designed for touring and installation sound applications. The C8082 features two McCauley 8251 18” cone drivers in a heavy duty, space saving low-profile cabinet.

The 8251 is McCauley Sound’s flagship long excursion, dual voice coil, neodymium transducer, designed with a FEA optimized Bl vs. displacement profile to improve linearity and reduce distortion. The 8251 motor features a 4.0” x Dual-1.5” diameter edgewound aluminum voice coil riding in a fully symmetric magnetic structure which improves linearity and reduces inductance. The die-cast aluminum basket assembly combines a lightweight epoxy reinforced cone and a large 9” diameter silicone laminated suspension to reduce moving mass and maintain long-term stability respectively. Like all McCauley transducers, the complete magnet structure and heat sink assembly is field serviceable requiring no specialty tools for alignment when replacing a damaged basket assembly.

The C8082 enclosure is purpose-built around the 8251 transducers to provide the best possible live-sound reproduction. To reduce the front cross-section the transducers are folded into the front the enclosure and the bass-reflex design has been optimized for an overdamped tuning, proving a very punchy response. The large tapered vent profile reduces port constriction due to air turbulence, which can negatively affect cabinet tuning at high power levels.

The enclosure is constructed of multi-ply void-free birch hardwood plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant ProCoat™ polyurea hybrid finish. All rigging components are weather protected with a heat cured epoxy powder coat finish. Components in the front of the enclosure are protected by a flat grill made from perforated steel that is coated with heat cured epoxy powder, and lined with acoustically transparent foam. Optionally, the C8082 can be ordered with either 3 pole mount locations, bar handles, casters, locking skids and/or installation rigging to create flown arrays in a variety of configurations, both traditional and cardioid.

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