Galileo Galaxy 408 Meyer Sound DSP Network Platform

Mã sản phẩm: Galileo Galaxy-408      7.860     
4.5/5 trong 16 lượt 
Meyer Sound
  • Galileo Galaxy-408 Giá Call
Galileo Galaxy-408 Giá Call

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Galileo GALAXY harnesses open-source AVB technology to extend a new level of audio control in driving and aligning loudspeaker systems with multiple zones.
Bộ DSP Galaxy 408 của Meyer Sound với chip FPGA 64 bit
A new generation of FPGA-based processing with up to 64-bit resolution delivers increased dynamic range, a lower noise floor, and super-low latency of 0.6ms analog in to analog out.

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Input Connectors

4 gold-plated XLR-F, 2 RJ-45 network ports


Audio Input

4 processed inputs selectable as analog, AES3 or AVB, 4 processed AVB only inputs, plus 24 AVB unprocessed matrix inputs


AVB Audio Sinks


8, each capable of receiving an AVB Audio Stream Input


AVB Audio Stream Input Format


AAF PCM-INT-32, 96 kHz or 48 kHz, 1 to 8 channels per stream


AVB Clock Sink


1, capable of receiving an AVB Clock Stream Input


AVB Clock Stream Format


48 kHz CRF stream (interval equals 96, or 2 msec) and 1 timestamp per protocol data unit, single channel stream


Selectable Maximum Input Level


+16 dBu or +26 dBu BAL (input impedance 10 BAL)


Front Panel Metering


4-segment LED ladder meters on each input


Input Processing


Gain, 500 ms delay range at each input (non-fading), 5-band parametric EQ, 5-band U-Shaping EQ


Output Connectors

8 gold-plated XLR-M, 2 RJ-45 network ports


Analog Audio Outputs


Processed outputs 1–8 on connectors 1–8, (9-16 AVB outputs only)


AVB Audio Sources


6, each capable of transmitting an 8-channel AVB Output Stream


AVB Stream Audio Output Format

Six AAF streams of 8 channels each:

4 streams at 96 kHz PCM-INT-32 (Outputs 1-8, 9-16, SIM, and Input Splits A-H)

2 streams at 48 kHz PCM-INT-32 (Duplicate Outputs 1-8 and 9-16)


AVB Clock Stream Format


48 kHz CRF stream (interval equals 96, or 2 msec) and 1 timestamp per protocol data unit, single channel stream


Maximum Output Level


+16 dBu or +26 dBu (selectable) 2 BAL (5 looped self-powered loudspeakers)


Output Impedance


50 Ω BAL (25 Ω per leg)


Recommended Minimum Load


10 looped self-powered loudspeakers (net load = 1 BAL)


Absolute Minimum Load


600 Ω


Front Panel Metering


LED lights: green to indicate signal presence; red for clipping on each output


Output Processing

Gain, 2000 ms delay range, polarity reversal, 10-band parametric EQ, 5-band U-Shaping EQ, Product Integration, Low-Mid Beam Control, atmospheric correction, simultaneous low- and high-pass filters with slopes up to 48 dB per octave.


Summing Matrix

Sparse 32 x 16 Summing Matrix (up to 232 of 512 cross points can be set simultaneously)


Delay Matrix


Sparse 32 x 16 Delay Matrix; 500 ms delay range at each cross point (non-fading)


Digital Conversion

24-bit resolution, 96 kHz sample rate


Internal Processing


24-bit resolution, 96 kHz




FPGA-based audio processing


Network Control

Two RJ-45 ports for single or redundant networks




One SIM 3 bus port to link the GALAXY 408 processor to the SIM audio analyzer



PowerCON 20


Operating Voltage Range


100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz


Idle Current

115 VAC: 0.229 A rms; 230 VAC: 0.162 A rms; 100 VAC: 0.256 A rms


Maximum Long -Term Continuous Current (>10 sec)


115 VAC: 0.306 A rms; 230 VAC: 0.195 A rms; 100 VAC: 0.343 A rms


Inrush Current


<20 A peak

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