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  • Go inspire the world?and record your electric guitar, bass and line-level instruments

  • Plug in your electric or bass guitar and unleash your creativity

  • Record high-definition audio directly to your iOS*, Android*, Mac* and PC devices

  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile apps and software

  • Integrates seamlessly with the creative suite of TC Helicon mobile apps

  • Award-winning Midas preamp for highest signal integrity

  • Guitar input and output connectors for guitars, amps, PA systems, etc.

  • Powerful headphone output with adjustable level

  • Selectable Thru / FX for monitoring processed or clean signal to a guitar amp or external rig

  • Connects directly to your iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices using USB or MFi Lightning* cables provided

  • Convenient mounting including an integrated mic stand and belt clip

  • Powered by your mobile device, Mac or PC

  • 1 -Year Warranty Program*

  • Designed and engineered in Canada

  • Collaborate. Capture. Create.    
    Collaborate. Capture. Create.

    GO GUITAR PRO allows creators the freedom to record quality audio anywhere, anytime using your mobile iOS*, Android*, Mac* and PC devices.  Wherever you decide to create, you’ll be able to record and playback high-definition audio thanks to our 24-bit A/D conversion and award-winning Midas preamp.

    Bring It with You    
    Bring It with You

    Want to play and practice in public... but privately? Whether you’re in the park, coffee shop or on the road, simply plug your electric or bass guitar into GO GUITAR PRO and use your headphones. All you need is this simple guitar interface, a mobile or desktop device, and of course, your guitar!

    Add Your Own Style    
    Add Your Own Style

    Bring your unique sound to life by using the companion app designed specifically for your GO GUITAR PRO for amp modeling and to add your favorite effects. And if you’re feeling adventurous, spark your creativity with the entire array of TC Helicon mobile apps. GO GUITAR PRO is also compatible with a wide range of apps and software from 3rd-party vendors.

    Brazenly Bold or Soulfully Shy?    
    Brazenly Bold or Soulfully Shy?

    Whether you crave to be heard for miles or want your own discreet, private jam, we have you covered. Simply connect headphones to GO GUITAR PRO and hear yourself as you record or play with no noticeable latency, or use the selectable FX/Thru for monitoring a processed or clean signal to your amp or external rig!

    More than Just Guitars    
    More than Just Guitars

    Sure, the word “guitar” is in the name, but you’re not limited to guitars only! You can also use the Line input for any line-level audio device, such as your keyboard or mixer. 

    Record that Riff    
    Record that Riff

    After solidifying that hit-making hook, feel confident that you’re capturing high quality audio directly to the platform of your choice. Whether it’s a mobile phone, iPad*, laptop or desktop, you can seamlessly integrate GO GUITAR PRO with both mobile and desktop DAWs. Plus, GO GUITAR PRO ensures a broad dynamic range for a distortion-free audio signal, so you can be confident that the recording you create will be professional-grade.


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