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High-Definition Audio/MIDI Interface for Mobile Devices
1-Year Warranty
High-Definition Audio/MIDI Interface for Mobile Devices

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6 cm
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19 cm
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  • Go inspire the world with a professional-quality audio/MIDI interface

  • Record high-quality audio using your mobile devices

  • Connects directly to iOS*, Android*, Mac* and PC devices using USB or MFi Lightning* (cables included)

  • 2 x 2.5 mm MIDI I/O jacks allow you to connect your 5-pin MIDI devices (cables included)

  • High-quality microphone preamp with +48 V phantom power

  • Stereo headphone output with adjustable gain for real-time monitoring

  • Single combo XLR* jack for microphone, line level and instrument input

  • Integrates seamlessly with the creative suite of TC Helicon mobile apps

  • Powered via USB or 2 AA batteries

  • Optional DC power supply lets you charge your mobile device while using interface

  • Professional Recording, Anywhere    
    Professional Recording, Anywhere

    GO SOLO allows creators the freedom to record quality audio anywhere, anytime using your mobile iOS*, Android*, Mac* and PC devices. Now, record anything with any compatible device. Enjoy crystal-clear and professional-sounding 24-bit 48khz audio recording in a compact, mobile package.

    Creator Friendly    
    Creator Friendly

    Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, Youtuber or all three, being able to record yourself quickly and easily is essential to capturing inspiration. Never let another moment pass you by with the speed and ease of recording with GO SOLO.

    Small-Box, Big Sound    
    Small-Box, Big Sound

    GO SOLO contains an ultra-clean pre-amp design from award-winning, high-end mixing console manufacturer Midas. 48 V Phantom Power makes sure you’ll always have enough juice for your condenser mic wherever you record.

    Real-Time Monitoring    
    Real-Time Monitoring

    Real-time signal and peak level indicators and an adjustable, oversized gain knob allow you to precisely control your recording levels. Monitor yourself live via the ⅛" headphone jack and focus on making great recordings.

    Seeking Connection    
    Seeking Connection

    With 2 x 2.5 mm MIDI jacks, a combo XLR ¼" Input, ⅛" Headphone Output, DC adaptor input, and a mini USB port for PC/MAC—You’ll be ready to connect your mic, guitar, MIDI keyboard and more directly to your PC, MAC*, iOS*, or Android* Device.

    MIDI Might    
    MIDI Might

    Built with chaining and routing in mind. Connect your keyboards, controllers, and sound modules with two included 5-pin MIDI to 2.5 mm cables. Use the MIDI OUT for additional routing possibilities to control sounds, samples, and more.

    Powerful Potential    
    Powerful Potential

    Use the GO SOLO powered by 2 x AA batteries on the go or stay charged using an optional DC adaptor. For recording indefinitely, use our lightning* cable that also charges your iOS* mobile device and never find yourself without power again.

    App Suite Spot    
    App Suite Spot

    Enjoy a suite of free, fully unlocked apps from TC Helicon when you plug your GO SOLO device into your compatible iOS device. Transform your guitar with a fully featured pedal board and amp emulator, Guitar Rack. Capture backing tracks and live vocal and video effects using Go Studio FX. Create clean voice recordings, loops and entire songs with Go Record. With GO SOLO, your app comes automatically unlocked.

    For a little extra, pick up Voice Jam Studio, a live-looping voice effects processor for $9.99 and really take your performance to the next level!


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