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Cable thương hiệu TASKER

The experience

Tasker® is one of the leading companies in Europe, with 40 years of experience, skilled in the production and distribution of high quality cables, premades, connectors and accessories for the electronic sector, audio, video and professional music field, automotive and broadcast

More than 3000 types of cables

Thanks to constant investments in high technology machinery, tasker produces more than 3000 different types of articles for various applications.
Tasker® therefore is able to satisfy the need of immediate availability of the products, through a warehouse detached for the productive poles.

Quality: the winning force!

The “winning force” of tasker has always been the high quality of its products, recognized all over the world, the service supplied to the customers and the technical assistance, which has given to the company and to its collaborators the possibility of a constant growth, both from a productive and a commercial point of view.

Custom-made productions

There is also a special department where we can produce special cables upon specific request of our customers, starting from a minimum quantity starting from 2000mt and delivery terms of no more than 20/30 working days.

Certified productions

A further step towards the achievement of a “total quality” has been made through the company certification ISO 9001, that guarantees transparency in all the company processes, from the production to the sale.

Technical assistance

We also have a technical assistance department, able to supply adequate answers to the requests of the customers, with the relative certifications


Our products have been published in the best sector magazines and in the most qualified sales points all over the world; moreover they are supported by many advertising campaigns.

Research and development

Tasker® production keeps on expanding and it is always ready to satisfy all the requests of the market, thanks to the constant research and the creation of innovative production systems, and through the use of noble compounds, obtaining high quality results, efficiency and dependability

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