C10D - Giá Call

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C10D - Giá Call

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2-Way Full Range
1.4" x Dual 10", Passive
1800W / 60Hz - 18.5kHz / 100° x 60°
1-Year Warranty
2-Way Full Range, 1.4" x Dual 10"
1800W  /  60Hz - 18.5kHz  /  100° x 60°

2-Way Full Range, 1.4" x Dual 10", Passive, Phoenix, Black

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 The C10D is a two-way, full range loudspeaker, designed specifically for permanent installations which demand high performance and good directivity characteristics down to the mid-range frequencies. It is comprised of two (2) McCauley 8221 10” cone drivers and a 3.0” diaphragm compression driver mounted to a rotatable 100° x 60° waveguide. The enclosure has been engineered to deliver near constant directivity from 500Hz to 16kHz in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

At the heart of the C10D is the McCauley 8221 10” loudspeaker. It features a FEA optimized, field serviceable ferrite magnet structure, and large 4” diameter aluminum voice coil to improve power handling. The newly developed, light-weight hybrid paper-composite cone, balances high stiffness with the internal damping that is inherent to paper, keeping breakup modes above the crossover frequency. The 1.4” exit, high frequency compression driver, features a 3” titanium diaphragm, and a new surround design which reduces distortion at high power levels. The enclosure has been engineered such that the HF horn and LF drivers are phase aligned in the horizontal plane, while the LF drivers provide off-axis attenuation in the vertical plane.

The C10D has been designed from the ground up as a Passive product. A manufacturer supplied 1.25ms FIR filter fully equalizes the system and provides a linear phase response through the passive network. The C10D is optionally available in a bi-amp configuration with a higher directivity, or 60° x 60° HF waveguide.

The C10D enclosure is constructed of multi-ply void free birch plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant Pro Coat™ polyurea hybrid finish.

Loudspeaker components are protected by a flush mounted, wrap-around perforated steel grill lined with acoustically transparent foam. The grill and rigging components are weather protected with a heat cured epoxy powder coat finish.

The C10D contains only nonorganic, fire resistant insulation and all soft parts are treated to resist moisture.

3/8-16 threaded reinforced hang points are distributed on the faces of the enclosure, or optional flyware can be used in various wall mounted and flown applications. The McCauley Sales Engineering team can help you determine the best solution for your project.
Standard 100°x60° waveguide horizontal and vertical polar map for free field measurements (4m) showing -6dB and -12dB isolines relative to the on-axis response.

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- 2-Way Full Range
- 1.4" x Dual 10", Passive
- 1800W / 60Hz - 18.5kHz / 100° x 60°
- 1-Year Warranty

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