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Loa Column Meyer Sound Cal 32/64/96 - Giá Call

Loa Column Meyer Sound Cal 32/64/96 - Giá Call
  • Loa Column Meyer Sound Cal 32/64/96 - Giá Call
  • Cal 32/64/96 - Giá Call
Mã sản phẩm: Cal 32/64/96
Đã xem: 119
Thương hiệu: Meyer Sound
Đánh giá:
4.67/5 trong 3 lượt 
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Operating Frequency Range2

100 Hz 16 kHz


Frequency Response3


105 Hz 15 kHz ±4 dB


Phase Response


230 Hz 16.9 kHz ±45°


Linear Peak SPL4

CAL 96 at 90 m (295 ft), CAL 64 at 60 m (196 ft), CAL 32 at 30 m (98 ft):


101 dB with 18.5 dB crest factor (M-noise), 98 dB (Pink noise), 100 dB (B-noise)


Horizontal Coverage



Vertical Coverage


Variable, to 30° in increments


Vertical Steering


±30° in increments


Vertical Beam Splits

CAL 96: Top split, bottom split CAL 64: Center split

CAL 32: None



Low Frequency

CAL 96: (24) 4-inch cone drivers CAL 64: (16) 4-inch cone drivers CAL 32: (8) 4-inch cone drivers


High Frequency

CAL 96: (72) 20 mm tweeters CAL 64: (48) 20 mm tweeters CAL 32: (24) 20 mm tweeters



Multichannel class D, one channel per driver


Number of Channels


96 (CAL 96); 64 (CAL 64); 32 (CAL 32)




Convection and forced air


Analog Audio

(3) Phoenix 6-pin male connectors for balanced audio input and loop output


Digital Audio5


(1) Phoenix 6-pin male connector for AES/EBU input


Ethernet and AVB

AVB-enabled Ethernet ports for integrated audio streaming, beam control and RMS monitoring via Compass control software. Supports communication of AVB timing data and audio signals via AAF packets (AVTP Audio Format) and communication of AVB clock signals via CRF packets (Clock Reference Format).




Mute, gain, 5-band parametric EQ, and delay, stored in four onboard presets


Logical I/O

Phoenix 6-pin male connector, recalls onboard presets, reports relay closures (and openings) for fault reports; Phoenix 5-pin male connector, triggers emergency mute and input override




OLED button displays CAL’s network addresses during startup or when the button is pushed



powerCON 20


Safety Rated Voltage Range


100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz


Turn-on and Turn-off Points


90 V AC turn-on; 264 V AC turn-off