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LeoPard Loa Line Array Meyer Sound - Giá Call

LeoPard Loa Line Array Meyer Sound - Giá Call
Mã sản phẩm: LeoPard
Thương hiệu: Meyer Sound
Đánh giá:
3.6/5 trong 19 lượt 
Gọi hotline 0799 030088 để biết thêm chi tiết sản phẩm.


Operating Frequency Range2

55 Hz 18 kHz


Phase Response


92 Hz 18 kHz ±30 degrees


Linear Peak SPL3


133.5 dB with 18 dB crest factor (M-noise), 130 dB (Pink noise), 134.5 dB (B‑noise)


Horizontal Coverage




Vertical Coverage


Varies, depending on array length and configuration


Low Frequency

Two 9‑inch long‑excursion cone drivers; 2 nominal impedance


High Frequency


One 3‑inch diaphragm compression driver coupled to a constant‑directivity horn through a patented REM® manifold; 4 nominal impedance



Differential, electronically balanced


Maximum Common Mode Range


±15 V DC, clamped to earth for voltage transient protection




XLR 5‑pin female input with male loop output; XLR 3‑pin female connectors available to accommodate only balanced audio (no RMS signals)


Input Impedance


10 differential between pins 2 and 3





Pin 1: Chassis/earth through 1 kΩ, 1000 pF, 15 V clamped network to provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies

Pin 2: Signal + Pin 3: Signal

Pin 4: RMS (polarity insensitive) Pin 5: RMS (polarity insensitive) Case: Earth ground and chassis


Nominal Input Sensitivity


6.0 dBV (2.0 V rms) continuous is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music


Input Levels


Audio source must be capable of producing +20 dBV (10 V rms) into 600 Ω to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker



3‑channel, open‑loop, class D


Total Output Power5


3900 W peak











powerCON 20 input with loop output


Automatic Voltage Selection


90–265 V AC


Safety Rated Voltage Range


100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz


Turn‑on and Turn‑off Points


90 V AC turn‑on, no turn‑off; internal fuse‑protection above 265 V AC


Idle Current

0.46 A rms (115 V AC); 0.35 A rms (230 V AC); 0.49 A rms (100 V AC)


Max Long‑Term Continuous Current (>10 sec)


3.0 A rms (115 V AC); 1.5 A rms (230 V AC); 3.4 A rms (100 V AC)


Burst Current (<1 sec)6


4.4 A rms (115 V AC); 2.3 A rms (230 V AC) 5.5 A rms (100 V AC)


Maximum Instantaneous Peak Current


12.6 A peak (115 V AC); 6.3 A peak (230 V AC); 14.5 A peak (100 V AC)


Inrush Current


<20 A peak