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MLA3 Loa Line Array McCauley - Giá Call

MLA3 Loa Line Array McCauley - Giá Call
Mã sản phẩm: MLA3
Đánh giá:
4.67/5 trong 3 lượt 
Quad 15" Flying Subwoofer System
52Hz - 225Hz

3-Way Full Range Medium Format Line Array, 55Hz-18kHz, Black
Gọi hotline 0799 030088 để biết thêm chi tiết sản phẩm.
 The MS3 is a flown subwoofer module designed to accompany McCauley Sound's mid-sizeline array system, the MLA3. The MS3 is a low-profile, axially symmetrical, quad 15" mid-size line array subwoofer module. The MS3 shares the same MONARC™ Integrated Rigging System with the MONARC MLA3, providing operators with the simplest, most flexible and easiest way to fly or stack a line array the industry has ever know. The quad 15" design provides incredible punch in either flown or stacked configurations.

The MS3 is a line array low frequency subwoofer module in a computer optimized enclosure. The MS3 houses quad volumetrically loaded 15" Neodymium cone drivers. The enclosure is constructed of durable 12-ply void-free birch laminate, dadoed for strength and durability. All MONARC™ modules ship with an advanced integrated rigging system with all necessary rigging hardware self-contined to the enclosure. This system allows an array to be flown quickly and easily, or in the case where rigging is not approriate, this same rigging system allows the cells to form ground stack arrays. Perforated steel is employed for frontal protection of the loud speaker complement. An integrated castor board package is necessary to faciliate system rigging in flown appications.